Capsule Wardrobe Show & Tell

So, I’ve been hearing snatches here and there of ways you’ve been inspired recently to pare down your wardrobe/put together a capsule/otherwise be more intentional about how you shop and dress. Now I want to give you a chance to tell the rest of us about it!

I’m asking for  R E A D E R  S U B M I S S I O N S  including a paragraph with or without photos describing any changes you may have made to the way you think about or implement your wardrobe. If you’ve put together a capsule containing a specific number of pieces, whether that’s 37 or your own ideal figure, that’s awesome. I’d love to hear about it and even see a glimpse or so at it, if possible. Or, if you haven’t taken the capsule wardrobe plunge, but found yourself motivated to clean out your closet or reevaluate your style, that totally works too.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • before & after pictures of your closet
  • the number of pieces you started with and the number left after a purge
  • how capsule wardrobe has made your life better or easier
  • what inspired you to try a capsule wardrobe
  • the set of rules you’ve come up with to make capsule wardrobe work for you personally
  • what you’ve learned about your style
  • photos of just your favorite pieces or a snapshot of your whole closet
  • smart storage solutions for your clothing/accessories
  • a photo or photos of yourself wearing some of your favorite capsule combinations
  • a screenshot of your Stylebook closet

By the way, if you’re just getting started, you can catch up on all my capsule wardrobe posts here. For some other great resources, go here, here, here, here, and here.

I’m leaving this pretty open-ended:

  • what you show or tell us about can be from any season
  • it can be from a while ago or you something you haven’t even started yet
  • it doesn’t matter whether you first heard about capsule wardrobe or were inspired to clean out your closet by this blog or elsewhere
  • you can choose whether or not you want me to reveal your identity when publishing

The only rules are as follows:

  • Submissions must be sent to
  • All submissions must be received by Monday, November 16
  • You must own the rights to any images submitted (photos should be taken by you yourself, or a friend)

Your show & tells will be featured here on the blog sometime after November 16. I’m sure there will be so much we’ll all be able to learn from each other. So I urge every single one of you to send an email my way…if you’ve already completed a wardrobe project of some sort, then you’re ready to go, and if not, then you have 2.5 weeks to jump on the bandwagon and participate in this opportunity to share!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! As a little incentive, I’m going to randomly choose one participant to gift a $25.00 gift card to GAP, which is probably my top favorite place to wardrobe shop currently. 🙂 Again, all you have to do to be entered to win is send me an email including text and/or photos about your wardrobe and any changes you’ve made recently.

The more submissions received, the more interesting the final post will be. I can’t wait to see and hear about what you all have been working on! Thanks in advance for being willing to participate in this little venture of mine. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Capsule Wardrobe Debut | Fall 2015

Some real talk: This season of capsule wardrobe stressed me out. I made the switch from Summer to Fall on September 1st, and only yesterday made the last few cuts. However, the prolonged lack of clarity forced me to think about my wardrobe more intentionally than ever before, and I’m coming out on the other side feeling more confident than ever with my choices for this season. The month of September and the little hiatus I took from blogging for a few weeks served me well in that I took time to think carefully about the value I place on not only my possessions but on my time and my people, as well. As I continue to eliminate the unnecessary, my awareness of God, myself, and the things I’m chasing become less muddled.

As an aside, I’m going to follow one of the Un-fancy rules for capsule wardrobe this season that I haven’t ever bothered with before: the no-shopping rule. I’ve never felt that that one was as relevant for me, since, as you know if you’ve been around here long, shopping is NOT one of my favorite pastimes. However, I’m going to try confining my shopping for winter (which won’t be nearly as big of a project as it was for fall, since most of these pieces will carry over) to the last two weeks of November. I’m hoping that limiting myself to such a specific time slot will support the clarity that dragging out the decision process tends to complicate.

I’m so excited about these pieces. Since I’ve already been wearing most of them for nearly a month and a half, I know that quite a few of these are going to become old friends for hopefully a good many years. It may have taken me longer to put this collection together, but I’ve definitely come a long way in terms of understanding both practicality and style. And so here she is, Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2015, in all her completed glory!

Fall 15 Capsule Composite PNG

// Special thanks to my sweet cousin, Alyssa, for shooting these images //

  1. Scoop-Neck Striped Tee from Stitch Fix (learn more here)
  2. Terry-Fleece Loose Tee from Old Navy
  3. Plaid Pocket Tee from Old Navy
  4. Classic Crew Sweatshirt from American Eagle Outfitters (similar here)
  5. Fine-Knit Drape Cardigan from H&M
  6. Knit Sweater from H&M (similar here)
  7. Black Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters
  8. Grey Slim-Fit Denim from H&M
  9. Hi-Rise Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters
  10. Skinny Low Jeans from H&M
  11. Olive Sateen X Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters
  12. Mid-Rise Pleated Soft Pants from Old Navy
  13. V-Neck Pocket Tee from Target (the best basic tee, and only $12!)
  14. Hi-Lo Patterned Top from Old Navy (also featured here)
  15. Gray Chambray Button-down from Old Navy
  16. Embroidered Chambray Top from Old Navy
  17. Denim Vest from Old Navy
  18. Chambray Shirt from Gap
  19. Soft Popover from LOFT
  20. Shawl Cardigan from Aero
  21. Thick Collared Cardigan from Gap (wearing out, must find something similar!)
  22. Black Quilted Jacket from H&M (very similar)
  23. Pullover Fringe Poncho from PacSun
  24. Black Ultra-Soft Pullover from Target
  25. Maroon Thrifted Maxi Skirt (read more here)
  26. Olive Gathered-Waist Maxi Skirt from The Main Street Exchange
  27. Dark Grey Maxi Skirt from The Main Street Exchange
  28. Button-Down Midi Skirt from Urban Outfitters
  29. Tiny Floral Print Short Skirt from H&M
  30. Striped Maxi Dress from Gap
  31. Eyelet Shift Dress from Old Navy
  32. Utility Jacket from Gap
  33. Acosa Bootie from Mix No. 6
  34. Suede Wedge Bootie from Maurices
  35. Grey Quilted Jersey Keds
  36. Suede Pointed-Toe Flats from Old Navy (similar here)

// If you’re new here, or need a refresher on the capsule wardrobe concept, go here. //

How many of you have created a capsule wardrobe of some sort for Fall? If you have, I’d love to hear about it!

Stitch Fix #2 | My Review


My second Stitch Fix arrived this week and was no less exciting than the first! As promised, here’s a little Show & Tell on the items included in Round Two for me.

RD Style Akiva Cowl Neck Pullover, $68
Skies are Blue Lusy Embroidered Detail Knit Top, $54
Mavi Freida Skinny Jean, $98
RD Style Bailey Open Cardigan, $68
RD Style Iana Twisted Seam Sweater

Here’s my synopsis of this fix:

  • The cowl neck pullover is a great loose fit, but the weave on this sweater didn’t seem like it would hold up well at all, and I tend to avoid that kind of sweater. Sending it back.
  • The embroidered detail top is super cute. I don’t usually wear that sleeve length, but it looks great with a cardigan, and I love the detail at the neck so much that I don’t think I’ll be able to give this one up. At the moment it’s a probable keeper.
  • The jeans felt so great when I put them on, but the fit at the ankles wasn’t quite up to par for me, plus I basically have all the jeans for my fall capsule wardrobe finalized at this point. I hope I don’t regret sending these back…they really were comfy.
  • The open cardigan is super cozy. I’m considering keeping that one as well.
  • I love the color and weave of the Iana sweater, but it’s not a flattering fit on me at all, so that made the decision easy on that one: going back.

I’m really loving this online stylist deal. The $20/box styling fee credits to your purchases, so as long as there’s at least one thing that comes in your box that you love enough to keep, the service is totally FREE! And thanks to those of you who signed up through my referral link, I earned enough credit to get 1-2 of my items this time completely free.

Bonus: Every Fix comes with these fun little outfit cards in case you need help figuring out how to style the pieces.


What would you keep/send back? I’d love to hear your opinions before I make my final decision today!

Stitch Fix #1 | My Review


Have you been hearing the rave reviews about this styling service called Stitchfix? I’ve been noticing their ads popping up everywhere, and a few were from trusted sources. So since I really don’t enjoy shopping very much at all, unless it’s online, I decided to give it a try! (Visit their website to learn more about how it works.)

My first “Fix” arrived this week, and today I’m going to host a little Show & Tell. Maybe this will help you decide whether or not you want to try it yourself!


If you’ve been paying attention to my capsule wardrobe posts, you probably have somewhat of a feel for my style, so you could probably look at the style profile form and make pretty educated guesses on what I told my stylist.

Here’s what she sent me:

Urban Expressions Avery Zipper Detail Hobo Bag, $68
Tea N Rose Westbury Crochet Detail Hoodie, $54 (back side pictured)
Henry & Belle Abana Ankle Length Skinny Jean, $148
Market & Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket, $88
Loveappella Saxby Scoop Neck Top, $54

Here’s my opinion of her choices for me:

  • The bag is super cool, but I’m not a huge bag person to begin with, and that much of a color (it’s more purple than what’s shown) is juuuuust too much of a stretch for me. I’m afraid I wouldn’t use it often enough to justify paying the price.
  • I like the hoodie. The crochet detail on the back (it’s the back side that’s pictured; the front is just plain) initially seemed a little too girly for me, but I think it’s growing on me. I might keep it.
  • I already own a great pair of black skinny jeans, so although these did fit me really well, I don’t really have a need or use for them.
  • The jacket is okay, but very similar to one I already own, that I bought at GAP last year (and I like mine better).
  • I can’t decide how I feel about the striped top. I like how it fits — fitted at the top, loose towards the middle/bottom — but I’m not sure if I’m feeling the stripes. What do you think? The fabric is super thin as well, not so cozy for fall…

I need to “check out” online by Sunday, and right now I’m leaning towards probably keeping the hoodie and maaaaaaybe the top. If you have any opinions, do tell. I could definitely use some help deciding!

If I decide to send everything back, I’ll have to pay $20 for the styling fee. If I purchase at least one piece, the $20 will go towards whatever I buy. If I was keeping everything, I’d get a 25% discount on it all!

Every Fix comes with handy little “wear it this way!” cards.

I love how easy the process is and how much fun it is to get a box full of surprises in the mail. I’m excited to give it another try, maybe closer to October when I’ll actually be starting my fall wardrobe. They say the Fixes get better and better as your stylist gets to know you!

Want to give it a try? If you use my link right here to sign up, I’ll get credit for referring you! 🙂 You don’t pay a cent for the shipping, either way! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Capsule Wardrobe Update | Summer 2015

Time for a capsule wardrobe update! We’re almost halfway through August already, and that equals halfway through the summer season as far as my capsule wardrobe is concerned. I’ve already started thinking about my fall wardrobe and have been pinning looks I love for inspiration.

I have mixed feelings about my summer wardrobe. In some ways it feels as though I really messed up this time around. But on the other hand, I think that might be a result of the fact that I am getting closer and closer to a “perfect” (for me) collection of apparel. While some of the pieces I chose for summer were definite mistakes, the pieces that remain feel more “me” than my typical wardrobe ever has. I may just be becoming more “choosy” and really, that means I’m nearer my goal of owning a truly “essentialist” wardrobe. So, I’m chalking this season up as a victory rather than a mishap. 😉

One of the main reasons I’m skeptical of the initial success of the wardrobe of summer ’15 is that I’ve ended up making quite a few purchases mid-season. (I started talking about that back here already.) But, since “no shopping between seasons” is NOT one of my rules for my capsule wardrobe, that’s okay! And the mid-season purchases I have made have ALL been HUGE wins. I have been wearing my new dresses (pictured below) constantly the last few weekends. (You can check out the additions on my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest board.)

Photo credit to Alyssa Beiler

So, quick recap: I started with 37, but moved out a gaping total of 12 pieces. Two tees got moved to my “loungewear” drawer, and the other items were either gifted to one of my sisters or will be sold (some on my Instagram closet sale account). I made a total of 6 new purchases: two tops, a pair of shorts, and three dresses. I also moved pieces that I had been calling “accessories” (a wrap scarf and fringe vest) back into the capsule. So I now have a total of 33 pieces in my summer capsule wardrobe. I am thankful I have the freedom to step back, make adjustments, and emerge with Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2015, version 2.0. Here’s to the rest of this beautiful summer!

What wardrobe discoveries have you made so far this season? I’d love to hear about them, whether you’re working with a capsule or not!