Beach Day Essentials


If I were already the slightly more organized blogger that I wish to become, these types of posts might be spaced a bit further apart. Instead, you’re getting these in real time(!), since I have day trips to the Atlantic shoreline planned for today and next Thursday.

I’m not what one might call a huge fan of the beach, but I’m also not one to turn down an invitation to socialize! So I go along for the party, and I can get into the whole beachy scene at times, too.

I do love packing for any kind of getaway, and a beach bag is no exception! Here’s a short list of my current “essentials.”

  • Kimchi Blue Open Weave Floppy Straw Hat from Urban Outfitters
  • Sunglasses (these are similar to mine)
  • Sunscreen
  • Whichever swimsuit fits my mood (today it’s my new one for this season)
  • Sandals because they make me feel way classier than the Old Navy flips I used to live in
  • The plushest beach towel I can find (mine’s from Target)
  • Magazines + an easy-reading nonfiction book or beachy novel
  • Exotic (the rarity of my beach days deems them splurge-worthy) cold drinks

[Yes, a Target-addict post would be in order.] 😛

What about you?–what gets the highest priority for the prime real estate in YOUR beach tote?