Capsule Wardrobe Debut | Fall 2015

Some real talk: This season of capsule wardrobe stressed me out. I made the switch from Summer to Fall on September 1st, and only yesterday made the last few cuts. However, the prolonged lack of clarity forced me to think about my wardrobe more intentionally than ever before, and I’m coming out on the other side feeling more confident than ever with my choices for this season. The month of September and the little hiatus I took from blogging for a few weeks served me well in that I took time to think carefully about the value I place on not only my possessions but on my time and my people, as well. As I continue to eliminate the unnecessary, my awareness of God, myself, and the things I’m chasing become less muddled.

As an aside, I’m going to follow one of the Un-fancy rules for capsule wardrobe this season that I haven’t ever bothered with before: the no-shopping rule. I’ve never felt that that one was as relevant for me, since, as you know if you’ve been around here long, shopping is NOT one of my favorite pastimes. However, I’m going to try confining my shopping for winter (which won’t be nearly as big of a project as it was for fall, since most of these pieces will carry over) to the last two weeks of November. I’m hoping that limiting myself to such a specific time slot will support the clarity that dragging out the decision process tends to complicate.

I’m so excited about these pieces. Since I’ve already been wearing most of them for nearly a month and a half, I know that quite a few of these are going to become old friends for hopefully a good many years. It may have taken me longer to put this collection together, but I’ve definitely come a long way in terms of understanding both practicality and style. And so here she is, Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2015, in all her completed glory!

Fall 15 Capsule Composite PNG

// Special thanks to my sweet cousin, Alyssa, for shooting these images //

  1. Scoop-Neck Striped Tee from Stitch Fix (learn more here)
  2. Terry-Fleece Loose Tee from Old Navy
  3. Plaid Pocket Tee from Old Navy
  4. Classic Crew Sweatshirt from American Eagle Outfitters (similar here)
  5. Fine-Knit Drape Cardigan from H&M
  6. Knit Sweater from H&M (similar here)
  7. Black Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters
  8. Grey Slim-Fit Denim from H&M
  9. Hi-Rise Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters
  10. Skinny Low Jeans from H&M
  11. Olive Sateen X Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters
  12. Mid-Rise Pleated Soft Pants from Old Navy
  13. V-Neck Pocket Tee from Target (the best basic tee, and only $12!)
  14. Hi-Lo Patterned Top from Old Navy (also featured here)
  15. Gray Chambray Button-down from Old Navy
  16. Embroidered Chambray Top from Old Navy
  17. Denim Vest from Old Navy
  18. Chambray Shirt from Gap
  19. Soft Popover from LOFT
  20. Shawl Cardigan from Aero
  21. Thick Collared Cardigan from Gap (wearing out, must find something similar!)
  22. Black Quilted Jacket from H&M (very similar)
  23. Pullover Fringe Poncho from PacSun
  24. Black Ultra-Soft Pullover from Target
  25. Maroon Thrifted Maxi Skirt (read more here)
  26. Olive Gathered-Waist Maxi Skirt from The Main Street Exchange
  27. Dark Grey Maxi Skirt from The Main Street Exchange
  28. Button-Down Midi Skirt from Urban Outfitters
  29. Tiny Floral Print Short Skirt from H&M
  30. Striped Maxi Dress from Gap
  31. Eyelet Shift Dress from Old Navy
  32. Utility Jacket from Gap
  33. Acosa Bootie from Mix No. 6
  34. Suede Wedge Bootie from Maurices
  35. Grey Quilted Jersey Keds
  36. Suede Pointed-Toe Flats from Old Navy (similar here)

// If you’re new here, or need a refresher on the capsule wardrobe concept, go here. //

How many of you have created a capsule wardrobe of some sort for Fall? If you have, I’d love to hear about it!

Capsule Wardrobe Preview | Fall 2015

How is it the end of September already?! I’m feeling slightly depressed that there are basically two months left of Autumn… (Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving around here, so to me, Fall is over at that point. Also, we may or may not be tagging our tree tonight!)

Anyhow, Month One of  F a l l   C a p s u l e   W a r d r o b e   2 0 1 5  got away from me and though I’ve been loving my fall pieces and doing lots of good experimenting and discovering, I don’t quite have it finalized enough to post just yet.

Some of the items I thought I was going to re-wear from last year ended up getting the boot because they either didn’t go with enough of my favorites or didn’t fit my current style or life. There are a couple things I’m still looking for (like a simple pair of light gray skinny jeans…who knew something so basic could be so elusive?!) and I may have added a thing or two to my shopping list just this week. The current count stands at 32 (and as always, the goal is 37 or less).

The last few things I’ve bought online all ended up going back to the store, so my online-shopping confidence is slightly shaken and I think I might need to brave some brick-and-mortar again. Maybe we’ll have time for a bit of that later this afternoon when Caleb and I head out for a scheduled-weeks-ago date night.

At any rate, to tide you over for the next week or so (hopefully not much longer than that), here are a few of my top favorites so far.

Olive Sateen X Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters | The softest pants I’ve ever owned, with a super flattering fit. I love the buttons and the extra seams that add charm + interest. And this color goes with literally  e v e r y t h i n g  in my closet!
Plaid Pocket Tee from Old Navy | The perfect fall t-shirt–loose, soft, & classy. I always end up disappointed with how poorly the things I buy from Old Navy hold up, but I loved this shirt so much the moment I saw it + it was cheap enough that if it only lasts for one season, that’s okay.
T H R I F T E D (yay!) mystery-brand, mystery-size (thank goodness for the drawstring) skirt from the used + new clothing boutique I work at one day a week. This cost me four dollars and I feel like it’s something that could have cost $200 from Free People. So fun!

Anyone else score any great finds for your fall wardrobe lately? Tell us about it!

Capsule Wardrobe | Changing Seasons


There’s been a shift in the weather in the last week or so here in good ol’ Lancaster! The nights are cool…chilly, even. We went an entire day without air conditioning this week (proof that our warm house has truly begun to cool down). I couldn’t be more excited that Autumn is just around the corner.

And with the dropping temperatures comes the motivation to start working on my next capsule wardrobe! Though according to the Un-fancy calendar, September is the third month of Summer, I’ve decided to switch up my schedule for Year Two. I’m calling September/October/November my Fall this time around, and rearranging the other three seasons accordingly. I just think it makes more sense for the climate I’m in. September is cooler than June here, right? I know it will still be tricky to have enough warm-weather things for September PLUS cold-weather things for November, but I’ve made some mid-season swaps every time so far anyway. I’m starting to accept the fact that that’s what needs to happen, at least at this stage of the game.

So, that means a new capsule wardrobe debut is coming soon! I’ve been pinning away onto my inspiration board and you can check out what I have planned so far here. The count is around 28 at the moment, and I am kinda hoping to hit somewhere lower than 37 for the first time, this season. I have another Stitch Fix scheduled for next week (free personal styling service, anyone? read more here). And I’ve been doing some online browsing this week for a few items on my shopping list: black midi skirt (maybe this one?), ankle boots, and cozy sweaters, since my cheap ones from last year aren’t looking too sharp. If you have any recommendations for me, please, comment away!

How about you — what’s on your wishlist for fall? What looks + trends are catching your eye? Feed me some pretty links, fashionistas!

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I’ve had the privilege and great honor of writing a guest post for today about capsule wardrobe for one of my current blogger heroes, Alicia, over at Beautiful Undefined. Hop on over and check it out!

Chambray Top Collage
Sneak peek | One shirt, three ways. Versatile pieces are key in a working capsule wardrobe!

My lovely cousin Alyssa styled and shot the photos for this post. We had so much fun together and I was thrilled with the ideas she brought to the shoot + her sharp eye.

Click the links and leave these ladies some love! ❤

Recent Goodie Realizations | Version 08.15


  1. These water bottles are keeping me hydrated + healthy and cool + classy during these hot summer days.
  2. This hammock is my favorite hiatus.
  3. This book has been so much fun to peruse, since it includes lots of history on the local family business begun by my great-great-grandparents.
  4. This skincare product has been the biggest go-to around our house this month for sunburns, brushburns, bites, rashes, and more.
  5. This fun fashion find has been the most delightful new companion to my capsule wardrobe project. (Read more here.)
  6. These reusable facial rounds are made of the softest organic bamboo fabric and work well with my makeup remover and essential oils. Best thing I’ve ever introduced to my face.
  7. This little friend has saved me so much money: 5% off your entire purchase + 30 extra days for returns + free shipping on every order (no minimum).
  8. These milkshakes — milk + vanilla ice cream (both from Lapp Valley Farm, of course) + fresh or already-thawed frozen peaches — have been on the menu pretty often around here. We don’t even bother to peel the fruit; the skins add delicious texture.
  9. This hat has been on constant rotation since I bought it. Well worth every penny!
  10. This essential oil is my go-to right now. It’s the best scent I’ve tried, for aromatic purposes! (Learn more here.)
  11. This piece is a current wardrobe favorite. It’s going to transition well into fall, too — I can’t wait!

Capsule Wardrobe Update | Summer 2015

Time for a capsule wardrobe update! We’re almost halfway through August already, and that equals halfway through the summer season as far as my capsule wardrobe is concerned. I’ve already started thinking about my fall wardrobe and have been pinning looks I love for inspiration.

I have mixed feelings about my summer wardrobe. In some ways it feels as though I really messed up this time around. But on the other hand, I think that might be a result of the fact that I am getting closer and closer to a “perfect” (for me) collection of apparel. While some of the pieces I chose for summer were definite mistakes, the pieces that remain feel more “me” than my typical wardrobe ever has. I may just be becoming more “choosy” and really, that means I’m nearer my goal of owning a truly “essentialist” wardrobe. So, I’m chalking this season up as a victory rather than a mishap. 😉

One of the main reasons I’m skeptical of the initial success of the wardrobe of summer ’15 is that I’ve ended up making quite a few purchases mid-season. (I started talking about that back here already.) But, since “no shopping between seasons” is NOT one of my rules for my capsule wardrobe, that’s okay! And the mid-season purchases I have made have ALL been HUGE wins. I have been wearing my new dresses (pictured below) constantly the last few weekends. (You can check out the additions on my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest board.)

Photo credit to Alyssa Beiler

So, quick recap: I started with 37, but moved out a gaping total of 12 pieces. Two tees got moved to my “loungewear” drawer, and the other items were either gifted to one of my sisters or will be sold (some on my Instagram closet sale account). I made a total of 6 new purchases: two tops, a pair of shorts, and three dresses. I also moved pieces that I had been calling “accessories” (a wrap scarf and fringe vest) back into the capsule. So I now have a total of 33 pieces in my summer capsule wardrobe. I am thankful I have the freedom to step back, make adjustments, and emerge with Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2015, version 2.0. Here’s to the rest of this beautiful summer!

What wardrobe discoveries have you made so far this season? I’d love to hear about them, whether you’re working with a capsule or not!