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I’ve had the privilege and great honor of writing a guest post for today about capsule wardrobe for one of my current blogger heroes, Alicia, over at Beautiful Undefined. Hop on over and check it out!

Chambray Top Collage
Sneak peek | One shirt, three ways. Versatile pieces are key in a working capsule wardrobe!

My lovely cousin Alyssa styled and shot the photos for this post. We had so much fun together and I was thrilled with the ideas she brought to the shoot + her sharp eye.

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Minimalism vs. Essentialism


These two words, and the concepts they represent, have been squatting on some pretty prime real estate in my heart and brain, lately. I’m still plugging through back episodes of The Lively Show and being inspired towards things like simplicity, intention, efficiency, and authenticity, and I’m reading Jen Hatmaker’s 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, and I’m having conversations with friends and family about de-cluttering and eliminating excess. I’ve been working on perfecting my summer capsule wardrobe, and helping my husband with his, and going through other drawers and cabinets and storage containers around the house, getting rid of things that we don’t love. I have a capsule wardrobe collaboration coming up, and hopefully some more similar projects. Life in general continues to invoke deeper meaning, the longer I live.

I’ll definitely have to post a full-fledged book review of 7 once I’m finished with it, so I’ll save my ramblings on that for now. But that, along with the Essentials issue of Kinfolk Magazine I was reading while we were camping the other weekend, the conversation I had with my friend Jenny on the way home from the beach yesterday, and an article I read online last evening, have distracted my thinking for much of the day.

The aforementioned article was called The Problem With Minimalism. The title caught my eye as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and since it was posted by a friend whose opinions I value and admire, I decided to check it out. (If you haven’t opened that link in a new tab by now, do it before you scroll down any further!) It’s a somewhat lengthy but easy-read discussion of the elitist persona that minimalism tends to incur, which put into words some of the struggle I’ve been wrestling with as I’ve been getting rid of things. Also, as one commenter on my Facebook post noted, it evaluates both sides of the spectrum without demoralizing either one.

The Kinfolk issue referenced “essentialism” as an alternative to minimalism. It’s maybe mostly a splitting of hairs terminologically, but the difference between the two is realizing, investing in, and hanging onto the things that are “essential” to each of our individual versions of “the good life” as opposed to trying to “make do” with as few things as possible (in some cases, even assigning a number to that goal, i.e. The 100 Things Project).

If the process of letting go of material possessions in order to create more time and energy for people, for the things we really love, and for the Creator and His Creation is something you’re intrigued by, that particular article and that particular magazine (Issue 16) are some of my most highly recommended reading. You can also click here for a few other resources I referenced a couple weeks ago.

What’s been inspiring you towards a higher quality of life lately? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Blogs To Love

I’ve compiled a list of some of my current favorite blogs and bloggers that I think you might enjoy, too!


  1. Whitney Schey at Whitney Darling Photography – a wedding photographer + photojournalist who has a way with words like few others [her posts always, always make me smile]
  2. Rebekah Stoltzfus at Rebekah Viola Photography – a local photographer whose style, spirit, & soul just draw people in [her Instagram is quite follow-worthy, as well]
  3. Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York – a photojournalist with a huge heart + a knack for extricating the secrets of human hearts, who is compelling people to extend love and grace to other people, all over the world
  4. Char Co. – a team of creative minds who do photography, styling & design, consulting, and more + offer up some great inspiration along with links to cool things online
  5. Rebecca Shetler at Citizen of A Country Without Borders – a budding artist + long-time friend of mine who has a heart for social justice and the Kingdom of Heaven (who also happens to be celebrating a birthday today!)
  6. Alicia Lapp at Beautiful Undefined – a new mama chronicling her life with her little family + sharing some gorgeous images
  7. Katie Kline at A Girl Named Katie – an up-and-coming fashion designer + talented seamstress + producer of handmade beauty
  8. Love, Teach – a super witty, super funny, super charming teacher brimming with stories from her classroom + random life
  9. Krista Beiler at The Love in the Shadows – my sweet sister! who is doing an internship at Thirst Missions in her beloved country of Belize this summer

Your turn! I’d love to be able to add to this list! What are your favorite blogs right now and why?

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