Did You Hear Our Happy News?


If you’re not following me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have missed our little “future potential blacksmith in the making” announcement last week. Caleb and I were overjoyed to get to see and hear a tiny heartbeat at just 5 weeks + 5 days gestation. To say that the first few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster would be putting it mildly! But the morning sickness and fatigue have now hit in full force and I rejoice upon waking each day at the physical reminder that our little blueberry is alive and well and growing as he or she should be. (I have a strong inclination that it’s a “he,” so I’ll be calling him such, but we don’t actually know for sure yet.)

So yes, the initial excitement of this precious, longed-for, God-given pregnancy has been quite the distraction for the last month or so. However, July 8 (give or take) feels quite far away at this point, and I have lots I want to accomplish before the care of a newborn takes over my life, and the mommy life takes over the blog. ­čśë Exciting things are in store for the next few weeks, including a bunch of readers’ capsule wardrobe features and a guest post from Natural Wellness Mama.

Pregnancy has a way of making┬áthe world seem so much bigger, brighter, more beautiful, and full of possibility. Come along for the ride; it’s bound to be a joyous one!