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I’m Melanie, married to Caleb. We are living our version of The Good Life, a day at a time, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our foremost intention and purpose is our part in bringing to earth Christ’s kingdom, by being channels of His love (John 13:35).

Uninhibited love, costless beauty, aesthetic order, skilled musicianship, and meaningful conversation are the things that propel me forward.

18 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. […] I want to emphasize, before I [quite vulnerably] reveal my heart on this controversial issue, that first and foremost, my belief is that my position is deeply personal. I hope with all my might that this post does not come across as soapbox-y, because I do not and cannot know whether or if the path I have chosen is “right” or “best” or “necessary” for you or anyone else. (If I felt that way, I might have titled this “Why Our Heads Should Be Covered” or “Why Head Covering is Important/Right/Biblical” or something of that nature.) What I do know, is that the path I have chosen IS right, good, and necessary for ME. […]

  2. I just love you so much!!!
    I just found your blog recently and have just now gone through and read a little, I just love it!
    And can I just have your fall capsule wardrobe??!
    I have been wanting to do the capsule thing for a little while now. I just need to start it but it’s so daunting!

    • Aw, thanks Britney!

      I always tell people, Caroline Rector does a great job of helping people get started, so I definitely recommend taking a look at the Un-fancy blog from start to finish when you get a chance. 🙂 And definitely let me know if you have any questions that I can help with! I know it does seem overwhelming at first, but once I started I never looked back. It’s just so much fun!

      Now I need to go check out your blog! Thanks for the love! ❤

      • You’re welcome!
        I am one step ahead of you 😉
        I have read from beginning to end of her blog already, and just re-read through it again last month. The first time I read through it it sounded crazy but this last time I thought it actually sounded nice! It would be nice to like all my clothes and have them go together. And not have to worry about shopping very often.
        Yes please check it out! You’ll see my post on my latest obsession of capsule wardrobes lol

        • Wow, nice! 🙂 I remember thinking it was crazy at first too, and that I could never do it. I’ve been surprised at how easy it’s been, compared to how I first imagined it. Another thing I recommend if you need that extra kick to get started: listen to Caroline’s interview on The Lively Show podcast (episode #36).

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