About This Site

Why “The Realization of Good?”

r e a l i z a t i o n : the state of understanding or becoming aware of something : the act of achieving something that was planned or hoped for

g o o d : of high quality : correct or proper

You’re invited to follow along as I figure out and attain the things, the ideas, and the experiences that make up my  u n i q u e  version of The Good Life.

I want to learn from you, too. I’ve always been of the belief that loving people = recognizing that EVERYONE has something to offer me that I need. This blog is about things that I’ve discovered, tried, and fallen in love with — things that I believe in and see as “good” — but just because I write about them doesn’t mean they are the “best.” Some of the things I write about won’t be what’s best for you. Let’s both recognize that from the start, and give each other grace when we disagree.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you leave this little space on the web having learned something new or feeling encouraged or inspired!


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