#JanuaryClutterWary Decluttering Challenge

I know I’m not consistently active in this space like I once was, but I started this blog in the early stages of my own personal journey towards minimalism and I know many of its followers were attracted to/fascinated by that “phenomenon”…so it seemed appropriate to pop in and share the decluttering challenge I’ve decided to host next month!

Capsule wardrobe has become almost mainstream at this point and though I don’t track my daily wears like I used to, it’s still a life-changing concept that I utilize and that’s influenced other areas of my life as well. My war on clutter continues, and even after an intense “minimalist challenge” I was invited to participate in in September, there’s still always a “thrift store box” stashed in some closet around here, gradually being filled and hauled off when full.

After that challenge in September (I shared some Instagram Stories throughout – you can view them in my “Minimalism” highlight reel), I had quite a few friends express interest in participating in the future so I decided to come up with a hashtag and create an accountability group on Facebook for us to cheer each other on as we start out 2019 with a war on (or wariness of, if that feels less daunting) CLUTTER! (That stands for Conniving Little Things That Erode Reason, by the way.) 😆

Decluttering Challenge Graphic

The challenge is simply this: Each day during the month of January, set aside the number of items that corresponds to the day of the month to get rid of.

Suggested guidelines for the challenge:
– Count like items as ONE thing (i.e. if you throw away six clothes hangers, count that as one item rather than six)
– Don’t count items that you normally throw away or replace anyway (i.e. empty shampoo bottles, outgrown children’s clothing)
(These are merely SUGGESTIONS to help you achieve clutter-free peace and joy. 😁 You can make up your own rules as you see fit!)

If you’re looking for some good ol’ social media accountability, post a photo of the items you’re getting rid of each day here in the group on the daily posts, or come up with another posting plan as you wish on Instagram, etc. Use the hashtag #JanuaryClutterWary (because we’re being WARY of clutter, get it?) in your social media posts and stories!

Feel free to share the group and invite friends to join us! The more the merrier as we wage war on clutter together. 😉

And if you need some help getting started or tips on how to figure out what to get rid of or how to let go of things, download my decluttering cheat sheet from a few years ago!

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