Recent Goodie Realizations | Version 08.18

It’s been about three years since I did a “goodie” post, but it’s time to bring this series back…what do you think?

Today’s rendition has a decidedly “toddler bedtime” theme. 😉

  1. Next to our Solly baby wraps (a necessity), my favorite of all the baby items we’ve bought or been given has probably been our Oliver Mouse “doll” from Hazel Village (not a necessity, perhaps, but really…every baby needs a “lovie” of some kind, right?) Oliver was a gift from Auntie Mindy and was definitely the sweetest thing we used to decorate his room as we prepared for his arrival. Arlo has slept with Oliver nearly every night of his life so far and “Oliver misses you” is currently working as an excuse to get him into bed at night, so we’ll definitely enjoy that while it lasts! I often say that Hazel Village is the BEST children’s brand out there. Not only do they have a fantastic product, but their branding is charming and creative and we occasionally get fun little surprises in the mail from them!
  2. Arlo has been obsessed with tents and caves the last while, so Auntie Krista’s gift to him for his 2nd birthday could not have been more fitting: a tent and sleeping bag just for Oliver Mouse. They’re from Maileg, a shop with the most darling and surprisingly affordable mice dolls and all the accessories you could possibly wish for. (This little suitcase is on our wishlist to store Oliver’s extra clothes and accessories!)
  3. I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there who can’t hack all the character/logo/bright color/crazy print clothing options for littles…that’s why I LOVE Primary! The ivory zip-up footed pajamas Arlo is wearing in these photos are from there, and our other favorite colors are black, slate grey, and olive green. We’ve tried their onesies, tees, and swimming shorts in addition to the pajamas, and they are great quality!
  4. When the cheap jersey-knit crib sheets we started out with started to acquire holes, I decided to try linen bedding for Arlo’s toddler bed. Linen bedding is a growing trend and there are a bunch of options out there now, but I wanted to purchase from a small shop and found Kingdom of Comfort on Etsy. We’ve since purchased king size bedding for our own bed in addition to crib sheets, and have been very happy with them!
  5. Arlo’s uncle Conrad built his toddler bed, complete with the F monogram for Fisher. It’ll be a family heirloom for sure! He gifted it to us when Arlo was still in the womb and I totally shed happy tears.

What’s the best gift YOUR child has ever been given?

One thought on “Recent Goodie Realizations | Version 08.18

  1. Yayyyy!! So excited for the Goodie Realozations to make a comeback! I’ve missed this.

    Also, just a little proud and flattered that Oliver Mouse made it on the list. 😍

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