Help buy books for Wisdom Tree Home!


I’m running a book drive for Wisdom Tree Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand and would like to invite you to share in the blessing of donating!

You may have seen or heard something lately of my excitement about award-winning children’s publisher Usborne Books & More. One of the biggest things I’m passionate about and now have the opportunity to do as an Independent Consultant for the company is promoting literacy (worldwide!) by getting FREE books into the hands of children everywhere who are eager to listen, read, and learn.

I’ve teamed up with an old and dear friend of mine, Barbara Lapp (pictured above with her Kindergarten students), to run a book drive for this early learning center in Chiang Mai. As she says, “knowledge of the English language is an important skill to have in Southeast Asia, and [the school is] in need of good quality children’s literature to help advance students’ language and comprehension skills.” If you’re familiar with Usborne, you know that their books are the epitome of high-quality educational reading material!

Since Usborne generously matches 50% of donations through their “Literacy for a Lifetime” program, every dollar you donate will give us not just $1.00, but $1.50 to use for the purchase of some much-needed books to send to Thailand next month. The Wisdom Tree staff is so grateful for your donation of any amount. Can’t you just picture the smiles on these little faces when they see the beautiful brand-new books that have been handpicked just for them?

Make your donation by TONIGHT to be a part of this special gift!

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