Pregnancy Favorites

(Obviously, blogging hasn’t been one of them!)

But our little guy could be making his big debut any day now, and I’ve been wanting to share a few of the things I’ve been loving throughout this golden time of baby-growing.


In the wardrobe department:

  • BLANQI Maternity Belly Support Tank Top. Best maternity investment I made! Pricey for “just an undershirt” but seriously a back- and shape-saver. Smoothed out all my weird bulges beneath fitted clothing and I kid you not, my back hurt less on the days I wore this. (Click this link for a 20% off code!)
  • Short-Sleeve Scoop-Neck Maternity Tunics from Motherhood. Just nice long tees, really. (I didn’t even realize they were considered tunics until I went to find the link.) This has been my most-worn top in third trimester, thanks to its comfort level, ample coverage, and holding up well to frequent washing. I grabbed a couple on sale at my local outlet for around $9 apiece — can’t beat that price!
  • {Not specifically maternity} 24/7™ Classic T-shirt Bra from Thirdlove. All the size changes during pregnancy have made this wardrobe category so complicated, but let me tell you, it’s unlikely I’ll waste money on a bra from any other store ever again. These are phenomenal (not exaggerating). (Use this link for $15 off!)
  • {Not specifically maternity} I have literally lived in these Birkenstock knock-offs by Madden Girl since the day I bought them. Good sole support makes all the difference in the world when you’re carrying around an extra twenty pounds that sticks straight out the front. Most comfortable sandals I own, and for a whopping $60 cheaper than real Birkeys (yay!)

Other mama essentials:

  • Everyone says this, but I’ll add my personal testament that sleeping with a body pillow during pregnancy really is essential to one’s health and well-being. Those who love me are well-acquainted with my love for ALL-THE-PILLOWS and I’ve no desire whatsoever to live minimalistically when it comes to pillows, #sorrynotsorry. I haven’t tried any of the fancy pregnancy pillows (I do still believe in ultimate versatility, after all) so I can’t say how those compare but a simple, inexpensive body-length more than cut it for me.
  • I’m not the best at journaling consistently, but a journal with writing prompts makes it easier and more fun, and I loved the Expecting You keepsake pregnancy journal from Compendium. I know it’ll be so interesting to look back at!
  • BioFreeze (I get it from my chiropractor) and Plexus Ease Cream–both fabulous for chilling relief from all the aches and pains.
  • I’ve been loving and learning so much from The Birth Hour podcast. All types of birth stories from all types of women from all over the world! So good. And tear-inducing. (Or maybe that’s just my hormonal state.)
  • We took HypnoBabies birth classes from Teresa Alva of White Rose Birth Services at Be Well Lancaster, and they deserve a post of their own, but we thoroughly enjoyed them and I’m already reaping the benefits of the education I got in deep relaxation techniques and in retraining the mind to process childbirth in positive words and beliefs.
  • I also took prenatal yoga classes from Michele Zerbey at Bridge Yoga Studio and loved the stretches and breathing techniques I learned there for both pregnancy discomfort and childbirth preparation.
  • I signed up for all kinds of pregnancy e-mail updates and newsletters and apps, but my favorite by far was Lucie’s List. I’ve learned so much from Meg’s candid approach to everything from baby products to choices in care to pregnancy wellness. If you’re pregnant for the first time right now, I highly recommend subscribing immediately!

And I must say, by far my most cherished aide in this incredible time of carrying a tiny human has been my dear angel of a husband. He’s made me dozens of protein smoothies and gallons of meadow tea, peeled hundreds of clementines and washed and stemmed thousands of strawberries, bribed and commanded and poured enough water down my throat to nearly float an ark, and spent countless hours rubbing or stroking (with the ever-ambiguous precise amount of pressure that the moment required) sore muscles and dry skin and all-over-aches. All that while enduring long grueling days of work with no prepared meal to come home to, restless nights where I seemed to be coming and going and changing position more than actually sleeping, and lots of unexplainable tears and rants and silences in between. More importantly, he invested more fully than ever before in our marriage and in his blossoming relationship with his tiny son inside my womb, and prayed health and strength over us both, and read Psalms aloud in the wee hours of the night when the hormones took me to dark places, and defended and protected and provided for his little family in the most valiant of ways, ways he’d not before needed or known to. Without a doubt, though the rest of the list is helpful and nice, the godly and heroic husband is really the ultimate key to surviving and thriving in pregnancy.

Whether it’s days or weeks we have left until the big day of delivery, we’re relishing and delighting in every last moment of this precious, precious time!

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