Stitch Fix #5 | My Review

Desktop.jpgIt’s been a while since I posted about a Stitch Fix, but you can read more about it and see my previous “fixes” here, here, and here. I never posted about my fourth Fix because it was horribly disappointing and I sent everything back. After that, I thought I might be done using the service, but somehow a month or so ago I unintentionally ordered another one without realizing it. (We’ll chalk that one up to pregnancy brain, heh heh.) Fortunately, when it arrived, it was so good that I wasn’t even upset about the mess-up. Fifth time’s the charm here, guys! I’d heard good things about Stitch Fix’s maternity lines, and I’d updated my Style Profile with my due date as soon as I learned I was pregnant, so my Stylist was keeping track even though I hadn’t included any notes or preferences this time around. Here’s what I received in my best Fix yet:

1 | Urban Expressions Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel, $64
2 | Loveapella Hartley Maternity Dress, $68
3 | Stitch Fix 3-Pack Maternity Cami, $44
4 | Papermoon Naz Crochet Kimono, $48
5 | Madigan Ailene Lace Sleeve Maternity Knit Top, $54

The verdict:

1 |  I adored EVERYTHING about this bag except for the color. I wish so badly it would have been black, or even white or some shade or brown. If it had been any neutral color at all, I’d have kept it in a heartbeat. It felt like great quality, and I loved the pockets, interior fabric, and size. I tend to carry a clutch rather than a big bag most of the time (minimalism, hello) but I could’ve seen myself using this one — it’s so unlike anything else I own.

2 |  I really liked the dress as well, and it was super comfortable, but I ended up returning it partly because it was a little shorter than I like and mostly because Caleb wasn’t a fan and I’m not one to spend $70 on something we don’t both love. Also, I felt it was overpriced for being a simple thin knit fabric.

3 |  These camis, though…are the BOMB. I’ve already gotten my $44’s worth out of them. Super long, super comfy, just all around ideal undershirts for my current wardrobe. I’d bought some nursing camis from Motherhood a while back, but for right now, when I don’t need the straps to open, I like these better! And this is maybe the first time I felt like something I bought from Stitch Fix was a steal…$14 apiece for a good maternity cami is better than I’ve been able to find anywhere else!

4 |  Kimonos are my FAVORITE article of clothing these days. So they hit the nail on the head with this choice for me! Black + white is my favorite color combo and this one’s super feminine and elegant. Keeping this piece was an easy decision.

5 |  The navy top was my least favorite piece in this box. It fit well and looked flattering on me, but lace sleeves are so not my style and this was the kind of lace that would have looked awful after one washing. So this was the one thing I knew would be going back before I even tried it on.

So overall, I was really happy with this Fix…the service as a whole has been redeemed in my mind so I’m sure I’ll be ordering again after all. I’m going to need some serious help making my postpartum wardrobe a little more nursing-friendly, so maybe they can help me out a bit in that department.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Not every box is a winner, but I’ve found it worthwhile to keep trying. As always, as long as there’s at least one piece worth buying, the styling fee is free, and if you decide to keep all five pieces, you get a 25% discount on everything. I recently discovered there’s a Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group just for Stitch Fix stuff, and people will sell the one or two pieces they’re not crazy about to someone else in order to get the discount. Brilliant! If you first heard about Stitch Fix from me, sign up through this link so that I can get credited for your referral, and go ahead and make an account and fill out the style profile — it’ll help you get a feel for whether or not you actually want to order a box. 🙂 So much fun!

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