Frankie’s 24-Week Update

24 Weeks.png

The most exciting thing I’m experiencing these days is feeling this little one’s movements! It’s just like everyone says, there truly is nothing like it. We are just starting to get to the point where Caleb and I think we can sort of tell where he is/what position he’s in by looking at and feeling my belly. So fun!

It took a long time for me to feel him and to feel confident that what I was feeling was actually Baby. I think it was around 21 weeks when I finally felt pretty sure about it. At our 22-week ultrasound, we learned that my placenta is anterior (in front), so it’s been cushioning the kicks. (No wonder I wasn’t feeling much!) It was hard for me to not worry about why I wasn’t feeling him, especially since people kept asking me if I could, as if they were sure I would be by then. Pregnancy is just a continuous lesson in trust, and I need to constantly remind myself that our lives are in the Lord’s hands and that He is in control of our futures.

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