Capsule Wardrobe Debut | Winter 2016

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December 1st marked the beginning of my second Winter season in this capsule wardrobe journey! When I compare this collection to the collection I had for last winter, I get excited about how this project has helped me define and improve “my style” AND about how many more high-quality pieces have taken up residence in my closet, that will be around for years instead of lasting only a season or so before getting tossed.

I’ve been realizing lately that a common misconception that people have about capsule wardrobe is that there is an extra-high turnover of wardrobe pieces. While in the first year or so that I was working on this project, I did in fact replace much of the clothing I owned, that is not necessarily the point of a pared-down, “minimalist,” if you will, capsule collection.

In fact, the exact opposite is what I consider the ultimate goal: a very low turnover rate. So far I have been purchasing at least a handful of new pieces for each season, but I aspire to one day limit that number to something very small: say, 2-4.

Since Fall and Winter are the two cooler seasons, the transition between the two is more subtle than between Summer and Fall. For that reason, you’ll notice that many more pieces are carried over this time from last season. I’ve decided to not list sources for each piece, since most of them were included in the Fall post, and you can find that here.

capsule captioned

My shopping list for this season consisted of the following:

  • cold-weather dresses (I had none)
  • shirts to wear with my many cardigans
  • red pants

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The dresses I found were from Downeast and Target (unfortunately though I searched high and low I was unable to find the green one online — I purchased it off the clearance rack in-store). The grey one should work well with my growing belly, and though the same can’t be said for the green one, I fell in love with its look and feel and its low price helped to justify that.

I found the red top pictured above at my local LOFT Outlet and the black suede fringe is from Target as well. I also picked up a basic long-sleeved tee in dark red, and pulled another long-sleeved tee from storage that I had purchased quite a while ago from the boutique where I work and decided to put away as a maternity top (the pink one). The blue fabulous pullover is another one that I snatched up from work, and the blue Dolman top with black stripes is from my last Stitch Fix. And one of my all-time favorites for this season, the one “trendy” piece I just couldn’t resist was this fringe poncho.

I was thrilled to find that American Eagle introduced my favorite pair of pants EVER in the exact shade of red I was looking for, so that was an easy one to check off the list! I have these in green as well and they are uber-soft and comfortable, don’t stretch out at all, and boast fun details that set them apart from boring old jeans.

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There were a couple more pieces I’d been saving for winter that I pulled from storage, and the green skirt I’ve got on loan from my sister-in-law as a “baby-belly-friendly” waistband for later on this season when my stuff barely fits anymore. Other than that, most of these pieces were carried over from Fall. So never fear, penny-pinchers…doing capsule wardrobe absolutely does NOT mean buying a whole new wardrobe 2 or 4 times a year! 🙂

My friend Rebekah of Rebekah Viola Photography spent a morning here with me last week, snapping photos of all my stuff. So, all credit to her for my best-looking capsule debut yet! It’s so fun to collaborate with fellow creatives.

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As always, follow me on Pinterest to keep tabs on my wardrobe additions and inspiration! And I’d love to hear, what’s been inspiring you in the fashion department lately?

7 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Debut | Winter 2016

  1. This is such a fun wardrobe! I just think mild winter clothes are my favorite. 😊 I LOVE that Heather Gray slouchy sweater with the white/cream edges! 👌

  2. Such a lovely collection!! I LOVE the individual shots! Would love to give this a shot in 2016, but am rather overwhelmed at where to start. I’m moving home for several months before the wedding and have to downsize my closet, majorly (no more walk-in closet), so the timing would be perfect. When do you usually start with the “spring” season? thanks for sharing!

    • First step is the closet purge! Caroline Rector of Unfancy starts her spring season April 1st, but I tweaked the schedule to better suit my northeastern climate. My spring will start March 1st. Please let me know if I can help in any way! 🙂

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