Jessica’s Pared-Down, Style-Defined Wardrobe

This post is part of a Show & Tell series of posts featuring TROG readers and the capsule wardrobe-inspired changes they’ve made to their wardrobes and lives. Read all the posts in this series here.

Jessica writes:

I’m not a minimalist, really; but in the last year, my wardrobe has changed pretty dramatically. I went from a closet full of things I didn’t enjoy wearing, to a closet full of versatile mix-and-match pieces that I love. I discovered that I really like to wear layers, so I have a small selection of plain t-shirts with various sleeve lengths, and a larger selection of sweaters, cardigans, vests, and lace tops to wear over the tshirts. I have a moderate number of skirts. Here is a picture of the little capsule wardrobe I put together for a 5-day trip out of town to my mom’s: 24 possible outfits, 14 separate pieces.


Thanks for allowing us this little peek, Jessica! I love the point you brought out that it’s not necessary to limit yourself to a certain number of pieces; the point is to invest in clothes that fit your body and your style and that you can wear and feel good in.

You can follow Jessica on Pinterest and if you found this post helpful or inspiring, leave her some love in the comments below!

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