You Need a Budget


I first heard about YNAB, personal budget software from, just a few weeks after Caleb and I got married. (The timing on that one really couldn’t have been better, right?!) I downloaded the free trial right away and was instantly hooked.

YNAB makes it simple to track every penny of inflow and outflow, and one of my favorite things about it is that there is a mobile app (that automatically syncs with the desktop program) that you can use to enter a receipt as soon as you receive it — it only takes a few seconds. This really helps to keep the pile-up of receipts and checks to record from getting overwhelming! In addition, it’s possible to download transaction history from your credit card sites in order to mass-enter transactions quite quickly.

It’s easy to keep track of different accounts (checking, savings, and credit cards), yet see an overview of all at a glance. The software also comes with some great reporting capabilities that allow you to gauge your spending habits over the past month, year, etc.

While Caleb and I currently don’t necessarily stick to a super-strict budget with each category, it’s still helpful to be able to see exactly where all our money is going and try to put caps on certain categories. I also love that we have history of nearly every income and expense amount we’ve ever had in our 2.5 years of marriage so far, and can use the search tool to quickly locate any given transaction for reference.

So if you could use some help in the budgeting department, or aren’t satisfied with your current method (or lack thereof) of expense tracking, give this software a try! (If you use my referral link there, you’ll save $6 and I’ll get rewarded $6 as well!)

5 thoughts on “You Need a Budget

  1. Can the app sync both people in a couple’s purchases? i.e., my husband and I share bank accounts but I’ve yet to find an easy, streamlined way to get all our purchases tracked on both our phones. Would this do it? Also, I can’t get the referral link at the end of the post to work — it’s taking me to your instagram — just a friendly heads up. : )

  2. Last month my husband and I started using YNAB, we totally love it! It took a while to get used to it, but it is definitely worth it! I love how simple everything is, it syncs automatically, both our phones and our computer all at once!

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