Considering Strangers

Every Person You Meet

The gift may not be obvious, and it might not come in a pretty package. For me it seems to often come in the form of conviction. Even through strangers, the Spirit opens my eyes to areas of my life that He wants to redeem.

Believe that you  n e e d  people, and you will become rich.

Just a challenge for you today: extend grace to seemingly obnoxious strangers. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Assume the best.

The driver who cut you off may be distracted by the recent death of a loved one. The grouchy customer service rep may be stressed out by financial or relational turmoil. The telemarketer may have once been a refugee, directly exposed to the unspeakable horror of war. The overbearing co-worker may know abuse that you cannot fathom.

No one’s life is perfect. No one is exempt from the pain and grief of a broken, sin-cursed world. When you find yourself criticizing, complaining, or lashing out…imagine that the person you are dealing with is in the midst of a terrible tragedy. You’ll find it much easier to respond graciously. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated, even if you were behaving unattractively in the face of unfortunate circumstance.

Commit it to memory: there is a gift to be found in every human interaction. You can scoff and reject it, or open your eyes and accept it. The choice is yours.

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