Capsule Wardrobe Preview | Fall 2015

How is it the end of September already?! I’m feeling slightly depressed that there are basically two months left of Autumn… (Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving around here, so to me, Fall is over at that point. Also, we may or may not be tagging our tree tonight!)

Anyhow, Month One of  F a l l   C a p s u l e   W a r d r o b e   2 0 1 5  got away from me and though I’ve been loving my fall pieces and doing lots of good experimenting and discovering, I don’t quite have it finalized enough to post just yet.

Some of the items I thought I was going to re-wear from last year ended up getting the boot because they either didn’t go with enough of my favorites or didn’t fit my current style or life. There are a couple things I’m still looking for (like a simple pair of light gray skinny jeans…who knew something so basic could be so elusive?!) and I may have added a thing or two to my shopping list just this week. The current count stands at 32 (and as always, the goal is 37 or less).

The last few things I’ve bought online all ended up going back to the store, so my online-shopping confidence is slightly shaken and I think I might need to brave some brick-and-mortar again. Maybe we’ll have time for a bit of that later this afternoon when Caleb and I head out for a scheduled-weeks-ago date night.

At any rate, to tide you over for the next week or so (hopefully not much longer than that), here are a few of my top favorites so far.

Olive Sateen X Jegging from American Eagle Outfitters | The softest pants I’ve ever owned, with a super flattering fit. I love the buttons and the extra seams that add charm + interest. And this color goes with literally  e v e r y t h i n g  in my closet!
Plaid Pocket Tee from Old Navy | The perfect fall t-shirt–loose, soft, & classy. I always end up disappointed with how poorly the things I buy from Old Navy hold up, but I loved this shirt so much the moment I saw it + it was cheap enough that if it only lasts for one season, that’s okay.
T H R I F T E D (yay!) mystery-brand, mystery-size (thank goodness for the drawstring) skirt from the used + new clothing boutique I work at one day a week. This cost me four dollars and I feel like it’s something that could have cost $200 from Free People. So fun!

Anyone else score any great finds for your fall wardrobe lately? Tell us about it!

9 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Preview | Fall 2015

  1. I was bad and went on a shopping spree. In the mail I have a work dress and a-line skirt from Outsider Fashion, two summer dresses on sale from Patagonia, and a pair of huaraches from Xero Shoes. Hopefully they all fit! These will all be organic cotton and/or Tencel so I am super excited to finally have clothes that aren’t polyester!

    • I actually just looked at these yesterday but they’re out of stock in almost every size, including mine. I had looked in their store a few weeks ago and they didn’t have any in grey, but then thought to check online and sure enough, these are an online exclusive. I just wish I would have seen them sooner! Can’t believe I got so close to finding “the ones.” 😉 Thanks so much, though!

  2. So funny! That red skirt was definitely mine! It’s a unique one, for sure! I sold it to Main Street Exchange several months ago: It definitely looks like something that could have come from Free People or Anthro and that was my inspiration in buying it for sure! I’m sure you’ll rock it! I’m so glad its to a loving (+ fashionable) new owner! 🙂

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