One-Page Guide to Decluttering

A teacher friend of mine recently asked me to talk to her high school Life Skills class about decluttering for a class period as part of their unit on Organizing. I put together this handout for her students and figured I’d post it here in case any of you might find it helpful.


So, if you’re in the middle of or about to start your own process of paring down to just the essentials, click the image above for your free downloadable printable cheat sheet!

4 thoughts on “One-Page Guide to Decluttering

  1. Cute! How awesome. I think ALL schools should require a life skills class. And SO TRUE about not allowing others to see what you are getting rid of: that is an INTENSE battle when you have to explain your reasoning or keeping something just to pacify someone else…ugh.

    • I thought so too!

      And yes, other people have an uncanny way of getting in your head and complicating matters when you’re trying to give your stuff a ride out the door. Solitude is crucial to the task!

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