Giveaway 1.0 | Congratulations + Thank You


I want to extend heartfelt thanks to each one who entered last week’s giveaway. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your entries pour in + reading your comments. What makes running a giveaway fun is seeing the response, so thanks for allowing me that joy! I am also grateful for all of the positive feedback that so many of you have offered. On the days I begin to wonder why I ever wanted to dive into this world of blogging, your encouraging words inspire me to keep pressing on. I consider each one of my readers a friend in some way, so thank you for blessing me with your friendship–whether it’s in “real life” or solely cyber-based-for-now.

Abiart cards or none, I hope you’ve been inspired to bless a friend or family member with some snail mail. I know writing about it has been an inspiration for ME to invest more time in it this month. Let’s make #bringbacksnailmail a thing! By the way, snail mail fan club members, you’ll definitely want to check out this cool blog which I just discovered, thanks to Julia’s comment on the giveaway post–Owl Simple Things.

Ahem. Without further ado, congratulations to Carrie Wagler! You are the winner of the 25 cards + silver marker + sheet of Vintage Rose Forever stamps. Please send an email to so I can get in touch with you about sending this package of goodness your way!

And now, for the rest of you, especially those of you who acknowledged the “I never win anything” sentiment…don’t go away hopeless! There will be more chances for you to win some really good things here in the future. The odds that someday your persistence will pay off are greater than you think, and they’ll be even greater if you keep on entering. 😉 (Insert shameless plug-in for my social media here, because following it is a great way to stay up-to-date with new posts + announcements…) Like The Realization of Good on Facebook and follow MelpFish on Instagram!

Thanks again, and happy Monday to you all! ❤

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