My Daily-Use Essential Oils


There are lots of people who have been using essential oils on a regular basis much longer than I have, and I’m always intrigued by their “day in the life of an oiler”-type posts. Today I’m sharing my own list — these are the oils I use every day.

Learn more about my use of essential oils by clicking here.

  1. Lavender is part of my beauty routine. I wipe 2-3 drops all over my face and neck with a reusable makeup remover pad from Marleys Monsters both morning and evening, right before moisturizing with this [truly magic] All In One Healing Skin Cream. I think putting it on before bed helps me relax and fall asleep, too. We also use lavender for bug bites.
  2. We use Peppermint for pain relief. A few drops on the temples and/or neck help to ease a tension headache, and it feels great rubbed onto my calves or back for muscle soreness as well.
  3. Grapefruit is my go-to for scent. I think at this point it’s the only oil whose smell I really love! I throw it in the diffuser on a regular basis, add a few drops to my dryer balls, and even put it on cotton rounds to stick in behind the air conditioner vent (a smarty-pants tip from my sister-in-law).
  4. I rub Progessence Plus onto my forearms and neck once or twice a day for help with hormones. I credit this in part for helping to get things straightened out after my miscarriage. I’ve heard that it works wonders for menstrual cramps, too.
  5. Lemon is such a great little multi-purpose oil! I add 5-6 drops to a dishpan full of water to clean produce, diffuse it for that just-cleaned kitchen scent, and mix a little in with my homemade cleaners. But possibly my favorite use for lemon is that it works just as well as Goo-Gone for removing sticky residue!

Fellow essential oil fans, what are your favorites?

7 thoughts on “My Daily-Use Essential Oils

  1. Loooove essential oils! I thought it was quack at first…that is until I started using them 🙂 I’m gonna try the cotton balls behind AC vent. Great idea! My fav oils are peppermint and theives by far just because they keep my sinus in check (they work like a charm while OTC treatments are useless). I love to diffuse lemon and ylang ylang and amp up my bathtime with lavender and frankincense. I also use grapeseed oil + lemon, lavender, ylang ylang for my moisturizer. Smells earthy and yummy and makes my skin glow 🙂

  2. We use lavender for sore needle pokes on booster shot day.:-) A little on the shot spot calms a screaming Gingersnap right down. Also, it works wonders for hot pepper burns.

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