A Summer Camp Formal Dinner

Caleb and I have had the privilege the last two years to take responsibility for creating the aesthetic for a formal dinner that takes place in the middle of the summer camp week for girls that is hosted by our church group’s youth ministry.

[You may have seen my vision board for this year’s event here when I mentioned it a week ago.]

I promised to share a few photos, so here they are, in full iPhone-quality glory. 😛





Giving credit where credit is due…

  • I couldn’t have pulled this off without the help of my sweet husband, who: scouted out these lovely rustic barn boards weeks ago, arranged his work schedule for the week in such a way that he would be able to be involved in this project all day yesterday, did all the dirty work as we collected flowers and greens after a heavy rainstorm, hoisted the boards into and out of the car and onto and off of the tables and in general was just a huge help. I can always count on him to do the hard work to make my plans and ideas happen. Thanks, Babe!
  • Frieda Graber generously allowed us to pick from the bounty of her green thumb…all the foliage except the Queen Anne’s lace (which we pulled from the side of the road on our drive to the camp) was from her property.
  • Bree from Meadows of Hope allowed us to use those boards and offered her assistance as we transported them to Camp.
  • Camp’s Servant Team graciously tied all 125 or so of those silverware sets together for me, which saved me hours of time! They also helped to set tables and clear clutter in the dining hall just before the dinner began last evening.
  • All the paper products, including the linen-like paper tablecloths, were purchased from B&G Paper Products.

Total cost for décor for this event? Zero. Love that!

What has been or will be next on your summer event planning agenda? Where do you get your inspiration, and how do you stick to (or eliminate the need for) a budget? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “A Summer Camp Formal Dinner

  1. Can I say that I L.O.V.E. that the camp does a formal dinner? Formal table etiquette is a dying art these days – it was amazing to me how many of my classmates in college didn’t know at first that their napkin goes in their lap. (I knew because my granddad used to read Emily Post to my sister and I before suppers at my grandparents’ house.) Great to know that someone is teaching girls this stuff before they have to know it!

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