Essential Rewards Program Freebies


So if you caught my Homemade Bug Spray post last week, you know by now that I’m on the essential oils bandwagon. I’d wager a guess that if you’re reading this, you don’t live in a hole ­čÖé and have been hearing buzz about the incredible healing + cleaning properties of of essential oils, or earth’s medicine, as I like to call them.

You may also have caught wind of the controversy among the different brands of oils that are available today, many of which are sold by┬áMLM (multi-level marketing) companies, and their often-quite-passionate┬áreps. I’m not going get into that in┬átoday’s post, but for now I have chosen to buy and sell Young Living’s products, largely because of their Seed-to-Seal promise.

I’m a sucker for rewards, and I’ve been enrolled (for free, by the way) in Young Living’s Essential Rewards program for a little over three months now. In a nutshell, I get points based on a percentage of my $50-minimum monthly order that I can redeem for free product. I recently placed my first “ER” order using the points I’ve been accumulating, and there was a box waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work today containing my freebies.


I can’t wait to┬ástart using this essential oil-based foaming hand soap, since this officially marks the beginning of my switch from Bath & Body Works hand soaps to something cleaner and more natural. Its namesake ingredient, the Thieves essential oil blend, helps support a healthy immune system. It’s called Thieves because, as legend has it, a band of fifteenth-century French thieves discovered this particular combination of essential oils┬áthat enabled┬áthem to pillage the dead and dying and remain unscathed during the various plagues of the medieval age. When they were captured, they were offered less severe punishment in exchange for their secret to avoiding these otherwise then-deadly diseases. I’m all about sanitary and anti-germs, so this is my kind of product!

Caleb, my farrier husband, has a hard time getting the scents of his livelihood (horses, manure, steel, and burning hoof–which is akin to burning hair) out of his hands so I’m extra excited to see how this works for him. Much gentler and safer than that Fast Orange stuff!

Want to know more about Young Living + essential oil products? Click here for my info page.

7 thoughts on “Essential Rewards Program Freebies

  1. This is great! I just started getting into essential oils as well. Since we are bringing a little one into the world I wanted to make sure we were using safe products! I’ll have to check out their rewards program + try some of their soap for our own farm hands.

    • The soap is working great so far…Caleb loves it! And I’d highly recommend getting started with Essential Rewards. If you’re going to spend $50+ a month anyway, why not take advantage of the opportunity to get some of that money back?

  2. Any idea how the hand soap does on grease/oil? The Man is always coming home covered in the marks of someone’s deep fryer they didn’t clean, or the remains of a blown out A/C, and he uses Fast Orange to get it out. Would love to replace it with something that smells a little better, if nothing else. That stuff is just yuck!

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