Capsule Wardrobe Confession | Summer 2015


I’m loving my summer capsule wardrobe so far! It’s basic, easy, and practical. Most of the pieces are definite favorites, and almost all of the new pieces I bought for this season are clear keepers. Sad note though: I failed to wash the dresses from Modcloth in cold water, and they shrank. They’re still wearable, but I’m going to have to hem the lining of the light blue one so that it doesn’t stick out at the bottom. I’m trying to look on the bright side and acknowledge that I’ve learned a really good lesson!

Now for my confession…I’m replacing one of my tops already. I realized a bit late that my white sleeveless blouse with the pretty detailed neckline, being a few years old as it is, has some rather nasty stains under the arms, and the crochet-ish part around the neckline is definitely showing wear as well. So, I decided I’d keep my eyes open for something similar to replace it with, thinking maybe I’d get a good deal on something towards the end of the season.

But tonight, after an impromptu date night at Red Robin + our favorite local mini golf course, we decided to stop in at Target, and I walked past this little lovely and knew it was what I wanted. So, a whole 10 days in to summer capsule season, I’ve already made another clothing purchase. (As I’ve mentioned, I’m not super strict on the no-shopping rule.)

I’ve been buying clothes at Target for years, and some have been huge hits while others have been flops. I think I’m getting better at judging a garment’s quality by its fabric and structure (here’s a great article on that), and learning what will hold up to my clean-freak habit of over-washing everything. But for the prices, Target really does have some great apparel sometimes, so no, I don’t mind admitting that I shop there for clothes. 🙂

In other news, I’m working on putting together outfits from my capsule for a photo shoot later this summer. Suggestions, anyone? [See my inspiration board here.]

9 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Confession | Summer 2015

  1. Love your honesty, Melanie! I think this is a learning curve, if anything! We’re not perfect and we’re figuring out what works through trial and error. It’s not fool-proof. Some gals might find v-necks and jeans to be their simple capsule go-to but not all body types or professions call for this simple equation! Don’t chastise yourself for having to make changes!! It doesn’t mean you failed. 🙂

  2. Gaaaah! I always seem to end up ruining my new and/or favorite clothes in the wash too!! I’ve become borderline obsessive about checking the tag EVERY SINGLE TIME just to make sure I’m not washing something that is supposed to be dry clean only. It’s the saddest thing to pull a favorite piece from the washer/dryer and realize what you did. I’m glad you could save the Modcloth dresses!

  3. Girl, it just happens. Can’t be rockin’ the pit stains though 🙂 I’ve learned my lesson too many times with the wash/dryer. Now I wash all my clothes with EcoNuts (soap nuts, no detergents) on cold every time and hang them ALL to dry. The only thing I was on hot is bath towels. Sounds like a lot, but actually saves me tons of time and energy! I’m loving my capsule wardrobe that I made last week thanks to your inspiration… My closet looks amazing, I have my ‘fall capsule’ pieces put away and now I am left with my favs!

    • Thanks. 🙂 I may have to check out EcoNuts! I’m a sucker for clothes smelling good out of the wash…does it have a good scent?

      I love hearing from people who are inspired by my capsule wardrobe! So glad you found the concept enjoyable. I saw your post and it looks like you’re off to an excellent start! Let me know if you run into any questions! 🙂

      • Econuts aren’t scented at all, although clothes just come out ‘fresh’ and clean. Sooooo…some people add essential oil for scent but that’s too expensive for me lol! I love some smelly good clothes too, but I just got tired of my clothes fading so I’ll take just ‘clean’ smell 🙂

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