Smoothies for Breakfast, Every Day


I am not a morning person. While I think I’ve gotten a liiiiittle better at the morning thing in the two years that Caleb and I have been married and I’ve had someone I love to wake up with (or after), I still usually stay in bed as long as possible on the mornings I go to work. Eating a good breakfast is not as high on my priority list as it should be.

But last summer my nutritionist, with the help of my husband, got me started on the best breakfast idea ever: protein-filled smoothies. They’re ideal for me not only because they’re healthy and filling, but also because they are both quick and easy not only to make but also to eat in the car on the mornings I stayed in bed too long to be able to sit in my hammock and enjoy it. And I’m probably one of the luckiest girls in the world, because Caleb often throws the stuff in the blender for me himself and then it’s ready for me to grab when I need it!

Where does the protein come from? Raw eggs. Sometimes up to 4 of them. And yogurt! Also, chia seeds and/or ground flax seed (a tablespoon or so of each). These things added to the fruits and veggies actually fill me up enough to tide me over until lunchtime!

My other favorite ingredients include frozen strawberries (which we were able to buy in bulk locally this year and fill the freezer with), fresh greens including but not limited to spinach, kale, avocado, and cucumber, along with carrots, bananas, and blueberries.

What’s your go-to breakfast smoothie recipe? I need some new ideas!

3 thoughts on “Smoothies for Breakfast, Every Day

  1. I love smoothies, but find them hard to have for breakfast actually. I am too fond of chewing my meals. 😉
    Kuddos to you for adding eggs! Raw eggs freak me out, but I know they are actually super good for you. Maybe I’ll be brave enough one day. 😉
    My current favorite smoothie is a chocolate banana combination, usually my post-lunch treat!

  2. Haha…well, I’m not much for chewing in the mornings. But your breakfast photos are always so fabulous, so I can see how your way of doing breakfast would be hard to improve upon. 😉

    Raw eggs used to freak me out too, until Caleb started slipping them in without telling me and then I realized that they didn’t affect the taste at all and I was satisfied for longer, so I decided to get over it. 🙂

    Now that you mention chocolate, I can’t wait to try adding Nutella to a banana-based concoction. Thanks for the yummy inspiration!

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