Capsule Wardrobe Debut | Summer 2015

summer capsule wardrobe

Here are my 37 pieces for Summer 2015! Yay for July 1 and the first day of a new season in my capsule wardrobe calendar. I confess, I wasn’t as strict as I have been in the past about waiting until today to start wearing some of my summer pieces. I was just way too excited about some of the clothing that’s been arriving in packages on my door step in the past week or so!

This time around, I’m only posting links to the items that I purchased recently or are still available for purchase. Maybe next time I’ll be a bit more ambitious and provide links to lookalikes or similar items, for the rest!

I’m looking forward to talking more about some of these lovelies and how I wear them in future posts. Also, I plan to fill you in on a few key mistakes things I realized and acknowledged while wearing my spring capsule wardrobe, and how I used the Stylebook app, as mentioned previously, to learn them.

Tell me, what are you most looking forward to wearing this season?

18 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Debut | Summer 2015

  1. So adorable and chic!! One of my favorite things is THE OVERALLS!!! I love when practical items come back in style. 🙂 Great choices, little lady!!

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