Blogs To Love

I’ve compiled a list of some of my current favorite blogs and bloggers that I think you might enjoy, too!


  1. Whitney Schey at Whitney Darling Photography – a wedding photographer + photojournalist who has a way with words like few others [her posts always, always make me smile]
  2. Rebekah Stoltzfus at Rebekah Viola Photography – a local photographer whose style, spirit, & soul just draw people in [her Instagram is quite follow-worthy, as well]
  3. Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York – a photojournalist with a huge heart + a knack for extricating the secrets of human hearts, who is compelling people to extend love and grace to other people, all over the world
  4. Char Co. – a team of creative minds who do photography, styling & design, consulting, and more + offer up some great inspiration along with links to cool things online
  5. Rebecca Shetler at Citizen of A Country Without Borders – a budding artist + long-time friend of mine who has a heart for social justice and the Kingdom of Heaven (who also happens to be celebrating a birthday today!)
  6. Alicia Lapp at Beautiful Undefined – a new mama chronicling her life with her little family + sharing some gorgeous images
  7. Katie Kline at A Girl Named Katie – an up-and-coming fashion designer + talented seamstress + producer of handmade beauty
  8. Love, Teach – a super witty, super funny, super charming teacher brimming with stories from her classroom + random life
  9. Krista Beiler at The Love in the Shadows – my sweet sister! who is doing an internship at Thirst Missions in her beloved country of Belize this summer

Your turn! I’d love to be able to add to this list! What are your favorite blogs right now and why?

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