My Time Management Plan


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t ever wish for more hours in their day? If I’m not racing the clock trying to get everything checked off my to-do list, I’m feeling guilty about my lack of motivation — and I don’t consider either feeling ideal.

My best friend is one of the most disciplined people on the planet; I think if I woke up one day with half of her self-motivation, I’d feel like Superwoman. She’s that girl who wakes up hours before I do, even on vacation, to go for a run or work out. Also, she works a full-time office job and stays on top of housework as much or more than I do (I’m currently working away three days a week). But what awes me the most is her knack for routine. Every time I get inside her clean, clean car I think, “why don’t have a ‘clean-the-car-out day?'” So this week I finally came up with a plan. (Thanks for the inspiration, Michelle.)

I started with a list of things that I do wish I did every week — the basics: vacuuming, laundry; then some extras: cleaning the car, washing windows. I added a few “fun” things, too — online shopping, sending mail to a friend. Then I whipped up a quick spreadsheet using the days of the week and my “working” hours, and started filling in the slots.

Most of the time allowances are pretty generous (it doesn’t take an entire hour to dust my whole house), and there were still empty slots after I’d worked through my entire list. I’m still trying to figure out how I can’t seem to get everything done in a week’s time if I had all those empty spaces before I made up some things to fill them in. Maybe I go away or sleep in or browse Facebook more than I thought? At any rate, I’m about to turn over a new leaf. This little beauty has “life-changing” written all over it.


I work two part-time jobs, one on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the other on Tuesdays, so I have three days away, then four days at home. Once I wrap up my Monday/Wednesday job later this summer, I’ll do some reworking, but for now, I’m eager to give this a try. I’m a couple days in and so far it’s pretty great, but ask me how it’s going in a couple weeks.

Want to create your own chart? Click here to download my template!

The nitty-gritty, for the curious ones:

  • Weekend recovery on Mondays is for unpacking if we were out of town, or straightening the guest room if we had overnight guests, or moving furniture around if we were painting the living room (which hasn’t happened yet, but, you know…)
  • My husband, Caleb, is self-employed as a farrier, so that’s where the invoicing and scheduling comes in. I love being a part of his business world!
  • I do NOT love to shop, so I’m a huge fan of ordering everything that’s not food online. I figure that online shopping slot will come in handy for actually hitting the check out process on all the random shopping baskets I add items to throughout the week.
  • I got bit by the capsule wardrobe bug last fall (more on that in a future post), so I tend to think about/work on that as I do laundry. If you’ve been around me much lately, you’ve probably heard me rave about it, and I’m pretty excited about detailing some of that here.
  • I’m so excited about my “make something” Thursday afternoons! Some of my initial plans for that slot are laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaner, and wall art for our office. This’ll also be my time for canning and freezing local produce this summer.
  • Interior design…the label makes me sound so much more proficient than I am. I do love to decorate, though, and am learning all the time! I often end up moving things around as I dust, so those two projects will go together well.
  • Any other church bulletin makers out there? I enjoy this task and Saturday afternoon is when I need to be finishing that up.

I’d love to hear from you…do you designate certain days of the week for specific chores or projects? What have you found works well for you (or doesn’t)? What am I missing on my chart?

7 thoughts on “My Time Management Plan

  1. Hmm…I follow a sort of Little House on the Prarie-derived plan. Kitchen on Monday, Laundry on Tuesday, Bedroom on Wednesday, Living/Dining Room on Thursday, Floors & Outdoors on Friday, & Bathrooms on Saturday. Gives me a lot more flexibility than a blocked out schedule, which is good, since there’s no way I’d follow one.

    As for your schedule, I just got here, so I have to ask – do you cook the dinners at your house? ‘Cause that’s something I’m not seeing.

    • Hi Sloan! I love that. If this proves too rigid, I’ll have to follow your lead. Thanks for sharing!

      As for dinner prep, I am a very, very privileged woman in that my husband enjoys cooking and generously plans and prepares dinner nearly every night. 🙂 It hasn’t always been and surely won’t always be that way, but it’s the current phase we’re in! I’m not very good at food so that’s one thing you won’t find a lot of content for here. 🙂

      • Lucky woman. 🙂 I get days off from the kitchen when I hand DH a piece of meat to grill, but other than that, I’m it. I am good at food, though, so if you’d like advice, just give me a shout. 🙂

  2. Super excited to see you’re blogging!! And I’m “slightly” obsessed with time management and streamlining my life to simplify things so this post was extra delicious to me. 🙂 You’re a gifted writer and an inspiration to many so use this gift for God’s glory and confidently know that you’re making a difference in people’s lives!

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